TRUsox® help you get a grip on your game!

TRUsox®’ profile in rugby is growing rapidly

It is now rare to sit through an English Super League rugby league fixture, and progressively the Australasian NRL, without seeing a player wearing TRUsox®. TruSox non-slip IN//EXtech™️ pads on the outside and inside of the product make sure your foot is secured and stable in your footwear. Your footwear feels part of you, which is key for sharp turns and ensuring you can jink away from your opponents. TRUsox® also supply you with the comfort within your footwear that typical nylon socks do not give you!


Raise Your Game

TRUsox® are not just a pair of socks; the grip socks have become an essential piece of sports wear for rugby players. For many years, rugby players have tried to solve the age old problem they have with lack of grip within their footwear with spray adhesive, tape and other such methods. TRUsox® are the answer to that problem!

Maximize Power Transfer

TRUsox® incorporate pads that use advanced IN//EXtech™️ on both the outside, and the inside, of the product that dramatically increases the amount of grip you have within your footwear. TRUsox® ensure that you can be safe with the knowledge that any sharp turns made, your foot and footwear will work in sync. This in turn leads to faster and sharper changes in direction, and also faster acceleration off the mark.

Stabilization of Plant Foot

The benefits that can be had by wearing TRUsox® for playing rugby are amazing. Improved grip means that players can jink and change direction quicker. TRUsox® also improves a kicker's stability in their planting foot. With no slippage inside your footwear, you get a cleaner, fluid kicking motion, with no worries to be had for your plant foot.

TRUsox® help you jink and change direction quicker!

The enhancement in performance that can be gained from TRUsox® has meant that amount of international level rugby players wearing the product week in and week out is incredible. If you are watching a professional rugby game, whether it be Union or League, there will be a very strong chance that at least one of the players on the field of play will be wearing performance-enhancing TRUsox®.


Here are a few of the players who wear TRUsox®:

• Owen Farrell (Saracens RU and England)
• Danny Cipriani (Wasps RU and England)
• Jonathan Joseph (Bath RU and England)
• Brett Ferres (Leeds Rhinos RL and England)
• Leroy Cudjoe (Huddersfield Giants RL and England)